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Jun 27, 2021
Friends, I am not crazy smart with this stuff but a older millennial so basic knowledge. I have smart TV's outside with Verizon Fios internet. The signal is weak and I am trying to find best solution to upgrade the signal and have it reach outside. I did have a TP-Link 5GHz N300 Long Range Outdoor CPE for PtP and PtMP Transmission set up outside as repeater but think it lost connection or something. It took hours to set up.... is there a better solution, should I have done it as an access point, had a different network set up. Any help will be glorious and much appreciated.


My thought would be powerline adapters.

Instead of wireless repeaters, etc, use power line adapters via the same circuits providing electrical power to the TV's.

There may be a number of options available. Sketch out a simple diagram of your requirements/plans.

Show devices, distances, and connectivity requirements.

Post your sketch using imgur (
Repeaters are tricky to get to work properly. It takes very careful placement, it must be able to get a strong signal from the router and still be able to extend the signal to the remote location. Sometime this is impossible if for example you have a concrete wall that absorbs the signal. Even then you can still get random issues because you have 2 radio signals. I recommend them only when there is no other option but it works much better for streaming video than say someone who want to play online games using a repeater.

I would agree with the above a powerline is going to be the simplest and likely the cheapest. I would still go with av2-1000 or av2-2000 units they tend to work better difficult locations. The speed is not as much a issues since stream video does not need huge speeds.

Another options is MoCa. Does the tv have coax cable running to it. Many verizon fios routers have a moca adapter built in so you would only need one by the tv. It is not as fast as some other moca adapters that can get full gigabit speed but it should be able to get in the 500mbps range. You would if possible want to hook your tv up via ethernet since most moca adapters do not have wifi but you could add a AP if you really needed it.
Jun 27, 2021
So to expand a little. One tv is not smart, has a roku adapter, another is smart TV. U have Verizon Fios and both TV's have coaxial hooked up for local channels. So the MoCa probably wouldn't work for the non smart TV correct? Can the powerline adapter be placed outside? It gets a weak signal at the TV now without them.
The powerline is just a box that plugs into some outlet near the tv and a second one near the router. You then run a ethernet cable between the powerline units and the router and the tv. They make powerline units that also run wifi so on the end by the tv it can use wifi if they do not have ethernet ports.

The moca box is connected to the coax cable between the wall jack and the tv. It can use the same cable for both the moca and the local channels. The other end depends on the fios box. For most routers you would connect to a coax cable near the router and then plug into a lan port with a ethernet cable. With FIOS many times it uses coax cable also and has a moca adapters built in. All you would need to ensure is that the coax cable going to the fios box also conencted to coax cable going to the tv with a simple splitter.

Since speed is not as important for streaming tv maybe the powerline units will be easier for you to install.


Verizon Fios uses MOCA for internet.

Generally speaking tv channels and cable internet operate on cable networks from 5-1000mhz, whereas MOCA operates between 1000-2000mhz. So they can exist on the same cable and won't interfere with each other. There are exceptions to this, but this is how most cable operators use their equipment.

With Verizon, you can actually buy MOCA wifi extenders that'll fully utilize their system with minimal setup:

When you say outdoors. Are these only outside seasonally, what's the temperature like outside? Are the tv's next to each other? Or are these in a couple of outdoors cabins or something like that?