Expand the C hardware

dena hadede

Jan 31, 2012
The memory in my PC was devided to 5 equal parts, 31GB each.
The C part is almost full, some of my programs don.t work anymore.
I want to take some memory from part D or even delete it all and to add its space to part C. can anybody tell me what to do?

1. Uninstall apps that u don't use or those that does not work!
2. Use CCleaner to get rid off the leftovers @ http://www.filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/
3. Move the Documents and othe non system files to another drive!
Move Your Libraries off of the system drive...

4. Resize the C:\

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Don't know why you'd want 5 partitions, as you can see, it's a bad idea. Keep two at the most, one for the OS and your programs, another for data. That way you can re-install the OS if needed and not have to touch the data partition. Or even better get a second hard-drive for your data and keep backups of it between the original drive and the new one.

Also, it's not "memory" it's "hard-drive" or "drive space". Memory in computers is the RAM sticks.