Question Expereinceing microstuttering, blurring and ghosting in all games despite high fps

Apr 7, 2020
So for the past year or so i have expereinced problems in games which causes awful ghosting and makes games feel pretty terrible. I am running a 1080ti, Ryzen 3700x and use a 240 hz monitor (Full specs and system infomation below), which in theory should allow games to feel super smooth.

  1. I have tried DDU many times completely wiped all drives
  2. reinstalled windows several times
  3. ensured that no overheating is occuring
  4. disable all overlays such as shadowplay and windows game bar
  5. disabled all fullscreen optimisations
  6. Turned off windows defender and ASLR
  7. Tried different monitors, a different gpu and different Display ports
  8. Unistalled Nvidia audio drivers and disabled the Nvidia audio devices in device manager
Despite all my efforts i have only found one method to get games to run smoothly. This method is to wipe my boot drive by reinstalling windows and then reinstalling nvidia drivers. Once i do this games run significantly smoother and all previous stuttering is completely eliminated, allowing for me to play far better. However, if i restart my pc, the stuttering and blurring will return making my game feel awful again. Games even begin to feel stuttery again after about an hours worth of gameplay without restarting.

I have been Reinstalling windows daily before gaming sessions as i play Siege at a high level and can not afford to be put at a major disadvantage in tourniments and ranked games, which as you can imagine is extremely frustrating.

I may be wrong, but i beleive that nvidia audio drivers may be causing the issue with my pc as windows already installs Realtek Audio Driver, which is known to cause interfeirence and issues. If i remove either the Realtek driver or Nvidia driver, they will simply reinstall themselves quickly later or after restarts. This is very annoying when considering a restart is required to remove the driver. I have tried many times to try and stop the drivers from reinstalling but have had little sucess. Disabling the Nvidia audio devices in device manager also does very little to help games feel smoother. I am not certain this is the issue at all, but the problems i am indicate that the audio driver conflict is the problem.

Here is a thread with other people having the same issue:

Here are my full specs:

Cpu: AMD Ryzen 7 3700x
Gpu: Gigabite Gtx 1080TI 11gb OC
Ram: HyperX 16gb 3200 DDR4
Motherboard: PRIME B450M-K (AM4)
SSD 1: KINGSTON_SA400S3 240gb
SSD 2: Toshiba A100
HDD: 1gb Seagate Barracuda
PSU: 700w Coolermaster
Cpu Cooler: Be Quiet Dark Rock 4
Case: Corsair Carbide

Thank you for reading, any response or help is greatly appreciated.
Sorry if this was posted in the wrong place.