Question Experiencing ~1.5 second audio latency on communications involving an internet connection

Riley Holtkamp

Aug 12, 2013
I've been trying to diagnose this issue for some time now.

I have tried different PC's, different communication platforms, different headsets (USB, BT, etc.), different types of connections to my network (cat6, Wi-Fi), I've even upgraded my router to AX3000.

No matter what I seem to do I always have about a 1.5 second delay when speaking with someone. Whenever I say something there is a slight pause before the person on the other end responds. This causes a lot interruptions and makes conversations less pleasant.

My ping is at 9ms and my UL/DL speeds are great too:

What could possibly be causing my issue?

Thanks in advance for any help
9ms is only to the speedtest server you must test the latency to the actual location. There are still the rare connections that run over satellite if you are talking to someone in some very remote location.

Also it depends on the application you are running. Your data may not go directly if you are using some form of server on the internet that the data must pass through.

Mostly this is going to be a application issue. If you use actual VoIP where the voice channel itself is sent directly via UDP between the 2 location you seldom see this issue. The ones that have more issue are server based solution and ones that do forms of conference calls with many people tend to introduce delays.

So your first test is to see the latency between the 2 locations with a ping command. If that is ok then you need to get someone who knows more about the application you are using since it is not a actual network issue.
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