Question Experiencing a small stutter after PC is on for over an hour that started today. Maybe RAM?


Aug 2, 2013
I built/upgraded this PC in July and had struggled to get the right timing on my RAM. Saturday I replaced the stock AMD cooler with the NZXT Kraken x73. Earlier this week (Monday) I attempted to overclock/tune my ram due to it never registering at the correct speed (showed as 22-22-22-53 1066MHz, not 16-18-18-38 1600MHz) using the DRAM calculator for Ryzen (As I do not know anything about overclocking). After a few failed attempts I gave up on the latency and settled for the 1600MHz with 22-22-22-53 before doing more research. I used Ryzen Master to overclock my 3900x to 4.350 GHz and had no issues or crashes after reverting the RAM. This was all on Sunday.

Yesterday, I update my Nvidia drivers to the current version (v457.30) to get BO Cold War to run smoother. Today (Thursday) I noticed a stutter with my mouse and Bluetooth headphones while browsing YouTube. It began getting worse and worse so I uninstalled Ryzen Master and restarted my PC. The stutter went away so figured I had messed up with the overclock. However, it came back and appears to get worse over time. It's as if my pc freeze for a microsecond every second. It happens in and out of games. I've watched CAM and task manager while it happens but haven't been able to pinpoint the issue to any specific hardware. Can provide any needed information.
I am not getting any BSOD or crashes. Games and programs run fine aside from the stutter which pauses typing, mouse, audio, and screen display. My mouse and keyboard are wired. I Had some assistance with finding the DOCP settings in my BIOS and reseated the ram. It started coming back after around an hour (As it had been doing all day but at least my ram speeds appear as they should at base) so I reinstalled my GPU drivers and the stutter remained.

Looking for things to check/try before restarting my PC due to it taking an hour to come back and I want to do whats possible without restarting and delaying it's return.

I believe I'm on the latest version of windows


Things I've Tried:
  • Reinstalling GPU Drivers
  • Reseating RAM (Same slots as Kraken narrowly blocks the others)
  • Uninstalling Ryzen Master and reverting OC
  • Resetting DOCP setting in BIOS
  • Checking MOBO for any corrosion/damage
  • Updating AMD Drivers via Adrenaline 2020
  • Updated Asus B450-f BIOS to v3103 and only reconfigured to default DOCP settings and disabled cpu_fan monitoring due to my AIO

So I went down a crazy rabbit hole across all of the tech sites I could find. Ended up with a program called LatencyMon that checks DPC routines and I had one called wdf01000.sys lagging like crazy. After more seemingly endless hunts throughout the web it appeared to be a driver issue somewhere. I had about everything crucial updated but a lot of people were saying it was SATA related in their case so I downloaded Driver Boost 8 and it found some really old drivers from my old i5-3670K and i7-6700K as well as the fact that many of the small drivers I had installed were old as hell. Still, I had the issue. Someone else online pointed towards USB devices and after looking there it turns out it was a program used to link ASUS Aura and Razer Chroma together that just started bugging out like crazy and causing all sorts of driver issues. So if anyone finds this and is struggling with wdf01000.sys, check all of your drivers.
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Aug 2, 2013
Tools like Driver Boost are not recommended. They often cause more problems than they fix and are known vectors for the delivery of malware. Just adding this note for others. YMMV.
Yeah it was definitely sus but got me closer so I figured it was worth pointing out. Thanks for clarifying!
These are what I do on a fresh install and pretty much after every major windows update:

- give shutup10 a run, select "actions" then "apply recommended only settings"

- make sure the xbox game bar is disabled

- disable "dynamic tick" - open cmd prompt with admin priv, and run

bcdedit /set disabledynamictick yes
bcdedit /set useplatformclock true
bcdedit /set tscsyncpolicy Enhanced

- disable "Diagnostic Policy Service"

start -> run, "services.msc", find "Diagnostic Policy Service" and make sure it is stopped and disabled

also give the task manager a run and see if there are any annoying things, on my kids pc I usually see lightshot and whatever random crud autorunning, always disable in the task manager "starup" tab and make sure only the things they need like discord, steam, etc are enabled