Question Experiencing constant lag spikes on a single device, low ping and seemingly no packet loss


Oct 28, 2016
Not sure what else to try. We have 2 gaming PCs in our house and only mine is experiencing lag when we play online together. I'm getting frequent rubberbanding even though my ping is consistently low. I have 350Mbps internet speed that I connect to via wifi, and unfortunately I'm not able to connect to my modem via ehternet due to the position of my modem. I feel like I've tried every common solution out there to fix this, here's what I've tried so far:

Run a virus scan
Restarting the modem
Restarting my network adapters
Installing the latest network drivers for my motherboard
Resetting TCP/IP stack
Resetting DNS
Changing out Wifi antennae

I'm far from a networking expert and really don't know what else to try, I want to know it theres any other troubleshooting I should be doing and I'm open to all suggestions. This has been going on since I moved over a year ago and I've tried multiple times to find a solution, but haven't ever gotten a fix.
Changing the wifi antenna does not do a lot if the problem is it just picks up interference from the neighbors wifi better.

Although there are some things in the pc setting that can cause this it is much more common that it is the wifi itself.

Rather than spend a lot of time testing and attempting to change stuff it would be best if you could test with ethernet. It is not something long term so you could run a cable over the floor or move the pc near the router. It is purely to confirm it is or is not the wifi. I mean do you really want to try reinstall the OS and find out it does nothing.

Have you tested with a ping command running in the background. You generally see ping spikes or packet loss when it is network issue causing loss. It could just be some video setting, I mean you get a frame rate that drops to say 5 frames and it will feel like lag.