Question Experiencing playback issues with new GPU


Nov 11, 2020
someone help me diagnose what's wrong with my system/gpu please!

i bought an r9 390x

this thing is old, like old-old

games run fine on it when using a 720p single monitor, but i start experiencing problems when using dual monitors

for example, when i play valorant while watching a 1080p video, both screens start lagging...........

the 390x model that i have says that its compatible with a 1.2 display port........ but the wire im using is 1.4 - could that be it?

also, to add, my second monitor is a 720 native monitor, while the main one is 1080 native (which uses the display port). i only experience the problem above on the main monitor, but when i switch solely to a solo monitor to the 720p native (or when i just stop watching videos while playing), there is no lag.

ive also noticed that when there is NO drivers installed, or not using the latest drivers, that there is absolutely no lag. the problem is i need drivers in order to play games that i like; for example, valorant, and the latest 2022 drivers give the best look to the game

ive installed and re-installed the drivers, ive used guru 3d ddu to uninstall....

other than that, there is no problem with the 390x.... i know its old and people have talked trash about it on here, but i have no regrets. it runs better than my rx 560 and 1650. for perspective, i avg 75 gps on warzone!! crazy and this purchased for 80 dollars!!

pc specs are:
32gb ram
850 psu
windows 10
64 bit

gpu specs are:
r9 390x oc
1.2 dp
latest radeon stupid software
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Nov 11, 2020
so it is find if you don't watch video?
what video? at what site?
check cpu/gpu temp and usage during the playback?
hi - yes, its such a weird thing because i only run into the problem with a few PARTICULAR 1080 videos

for example on youtube:

or the home page of netflix (which plays the preview of the main movie or whatever)

or the home page of modernware which also plays a preview of a trailer: