Question Experiencing System Crashes Consistently - Computer Cuts and Restarts Itself

Oct 22, 2020
Hi all.

In mid-April, I purchased all new parts aside from my HDD, SSD, and PSU (at the time). I switched to all AMD components, but am still using Windows 10 (specifically education, as it was free and got rid of my watermark). Here are the specs now:

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 non-OC
2x8GB Corsair Vengeance 3200MHz
MSI B450 Tomahawk non-Max
Gigabye RX 5700XT Gaming OC 8G no OC besides factory
Thermaltake GF1 Toughpower 750W 80+ Gold
1TB Hitachi Ultrastar HDD (roughly 7 years old, approaching 8)
1TB Samsung Evo 860 (only two years old).

For cooling:
2 front 120mm intake fans
Back 120mm exhaust
Top 120mm exhaust
CPU: bequiet! Dark Rock 3 CPU cooler

I originally just put the GPU into my last PC, as it had arrived first, but that seemed to cause some issues, so I simply took it out. I would hit some system crashes, but that could have been entirely because I may have not cleaned out the NVIDIA driver fully.

When I finally assembled the CPU, I did the bright thing of bending a few of the CPU pins out of line. I used a magnifying glass and some tweezers to straighten them and put the CPU back in, and it seemed to be working fine. The motherboard has issues when trying to the use M-flash feature, as after I flashed the motherboard with a BIOS allowing for 3rd gen Ryzen support, trying to M-flash to the latest BIOS resulted in my computer being unresponsive. It would simply sit there at a black screen while remaining on. So, I decided to stick with the old BIOS for a bit.

Here are my current issues:
  1. When playing games in 2560x1440 many games tend to simply cause my computer to just abruptly restart itself. Sometimes this occurs when simply launching the game, sometimes it occurs a few minutes in or after a button press, and sometimes it won't happen for hours, or even days. 1920x1080 seems to be more stable on practically every game.
  2. Like above, my computer will simply just abruptly restart itself. Very rarely has it done this with absolutely no game running on my computer, as sometimes it would occur when just using the computer or attempting to click on something. This always yields a critical event, specifically Event 41, Task 63. The largest problem is that 95% of these events all return bugcheck codes of 0, which I assume is due to the abruptness of the crashes.
  3. I'm not exactly sure if this is an issue, but it's definitely not a non-issue. My GPU has two LED indicators that are supposed to glow to indicate different issues. There are modes that include blinking and staying on for a good bit of time. When I start my PC, LED1 wil glow for a second and then turn off as the computer boots.
  4. Occasionally, my computer will start but have no display nor any power to the peripherals. It displays the CPU debug LED. Simply restarting the PC fixes this issue.
Here is what I have done up to this point:
  1. Used different BIOS versions
  2. Change RAM speed to be 2933 (this seemed to provide more stability to my system). I have done this with and without XMP, both seem to yield the same result.
  3. Disabled Fast Startup
  4. Purchased new cooling components as well as a new PSU. The issues remain entirely, but the thermals have never looked better.
  5. Re-seated all components and ensured all cables are firmly connected and in place. I have taken out my GPU more times than I can count.
  6. Updated Windows, GPU drivers, CPU chipset and other AMD drivers, and any other drivers recommended for my motherboard. For a while now it seemed my PC was more stable, especially after the recent AMD updates, but the issue remains and is presenting itself often enough.
  7. I've memtested my RAM and found it to be 100% functional.
  8. I have stressed my CPU on Prime95 for over an hour and reached a max temperature of 85C, although it didn't hold here for more than 30 seconds. The average temperature was in the 60's and would jump to the mid 70's during intense loads. No crashes.
  9. I've used Furmark to test my GPU in the past and found it crashed a few times, but have also run the test in Fullscreen/Windowed as well as changing the presets and resolutions and found the issue is far more likely to present itself on 2560x1440 loads.
  10. I've done a few things else, but I cannot remember them all. f
What I still plan to do:
1. Install my new HDD and a fresh Windows with it.

If anyone has any suggestions on what the issue could be, please let me know. At this point, I have to assume it is the GPU or perhaps the PCIe slot is unstable or the motherboard is just spiteful. I'm not sure, but the issue has occurred over two PSU's at this point, so I'm not assuming a PSU issue here.

Thank you for anyone who read this!