Dec 16, 2009
If anyone could help me with this that would be amazing, its massivly annoying.
When i turn on my laptop everything works as usual, then once i try to log on to my account(i am the administrator) i get three error messages. One reads, explorer.exe the application has failed to initialize properly(0xc0000022), the second says, microsoft mobile pc presentation adaptability client has stopped working, and the third says windows explorer has stopped working. I am then faced with a blank screen, however i am able to access the internet by opening up task manager and running a new task (firefox). Also i can log onto my account using safe mode and everything works as usual.
thanks in advance for anyone who has any suggestions


then i'd do a repair from the installation disk.
make sure all your divers or firmware are up to date (i've never heard of drivers causing this issue, but hey, you never know)
If that doesn't work, then i'd say do a clean install...