Exploring The First Chapter Of 'Final Fantasy XV'

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May 24, 2016
Give me the FF XII remake that is suppose to come out in 2017. Don't change the combat system or the Gambit system, just do a complete graphics and soundtrack overhaul please. I heard you can listen to the old soundtrack too if you wish. I hope what I read is true.
This is the first FF that I have been excited about in a very long time.
VII was OK, but certainly not as amazing as the internet seems to believe
VIII was pretty good. Certainly better than many recent releases.
IX was fantastic! Would love to have another cartooney but epic story like this some time!
X is probably my favorite of all time! Sure, some shortcomings of the game being 'on rails', but outside of that it was a near-perfect FF story and game play experience. Just finished the HD PC release and it holds up really well!
X-2 was fun... but not great. I did enjoy all the mini-games though!
XII (because nobody was really interested in an MMO) was OK, but suffered from so many gameplay, graphical, and sound issues. Should have been delayed and released for PS3. Also, while the gambit system was neat, once you had a good set of gambits (which only takes 1/3rd of the game) then the rest of the combat is just walking around and letting your characters do their thing. Would love to see a remake that looks and sounds as good as it was meant to, and has a little more player involvement in the late game play.
XIII-1 was OK. Not as bad as reviews gave it (no more on rails than X was), but story and character development wasnt great.
XIII-2 was AWESOME! Not as endearing as X in the way of story, but it was just fun to play with great combat. I was genuinely surprised how much I enjoyed this, though like the rest of the series, the story was weak. But at least there was an attempt at character development.
XIII-3/Lightning returns kinda stunk... I think. I mean, the game 'worked', but I never got past the 3rd or 4th day. The story was so ridiculous and convoluted, and the characters so shallow that I just didn't care. And then the whole day/night cycle constantly had me frustrated and running in circles trying to be in the right place at the right time. Combat was OK... but I always felt like I was far out matched no matter how hard I ground to level up. I could progress with effort, but it was too much effort with far too little reward to continue. It is the only FF game I didn't complete, and don't care to complete... so that is saying something.

So now we come to XV; The visuals look great. The audio sounds amazing. What story was leaked/alluded to back in the FFXIII days looked promising. The 2 episodes that are up of the Anime look great. I love the Kingdom Hearts style gameplay and am interested to see how that works in a FF game. This has all of the makings for a great game. Still, this is not the only review that says the battle system needs work, so that is a little scary.
Regardless, FFX was the last game that looked good ahead of time and actually was good. XIII-2 was a surprise hit in my house, but it may have only been good because we had low expectations. It has been 15 years since the last highly anticipated FF game. That is a lot to live up to! Hope they do it good!
[quotemsg=18157438,0,2176660]They have ruined FF going this route with combat. Then again FF hasn't been any good since FFX[/quotemsg]
Did you play XIII-2? The battle system in that was actually pretty good. Having 2 main characters and a hot-swapable alt was a lot of fun to play. I agree that X was better, but XIII-2 is still very fun in a different way.
[quotemsg=18158050,0,2254066]Give me the FF XII remake that is suppose to come out in 2017. Don't change the combat system or the Gambit system, just do a complete graphics and soundtrack overhaul please. I heard you can listen to the old soundtrack too if you wish. I hope what I read is true.[/quotemsg]

I have mixed feelings about the gambit system. In the early gameplay it was really interesting to play with, and an invaluable mechanic as there was no nice way to micromanage your cohorts. But by the 50% point in the game you have so many gambits to choose from that you no longer really 'play' the game. You just run around, and then zone out for a minute while your characters fight. If you find baddies that are too strong, then you go grind away, which is a super passive experience with good gambits, and then come back.
I also had issues with the boss battles. I am the kind of person who likes to play through 90% of the game, then go back and do side-quests and grind, and then complete the game. That way the story plays out very naturally and you are less likely to loose the plot. But in XII you pretty much have to do all of the side quests and boss battles right away either to progress the story, or because there is no other easy way to get enough XP to level up... unless you do even more mindless grinding.

Still, I largely agree. Most of the issues with the game were the terrible audio and graphical experience. If they fix that then the game should be pretty fun. But if they could give players some other mechanic to do in the late game experience when battles largely take care of themselves it would help.


Jun 21, 2016
"They have ruined FF going this route with combat. Then again FF hasn't been any good since FFX"

This sure doesn't sound like they ruined FF. The combat has mixed reaction from others. But as long as there are quests and plenty of things to do and that the story is good, Then I don't mind mediocre combat. Witcher 3 and Skyrim don't have great combat, yet everyone loves them.


Nov 29, 2015
Why they changed FF games to ARPGs is beyond me. I like Kingdom Hearts games, but I don't want FF games to have that same combat system. What's next DQ, oh wait they tried that too. Damn ever since Squaresoft and Enix merged it has been a downhill slope. They had a couple good games, but as a whole the quality just kept dropping (remember a lot of the early square-enix games were in development long before the merger).


Mar 30, 2012
@jtown82 @Brandon_29 It's a miracle, two people who agree with me on the internet. Squarenix no me gusta. FFX-2 was Squarenix's first game, and it was a disaster imo. Took everything good about FFX (in fact FF in general) and poo'd on it.


Jun 18, 2016
Your post wasn't entirely clear, despite some references to Platinum, if you ever played Platinum or Duscae at all. If not, wouldn't this be more of a player skill issue? Many others seem to have no problem with the combat in Platinum demo, or had any real issues in Duscae. If you have is the combat that changed from Platinum? That seems rather hard to believe. Even tho it may suggest a warp strike you may not want to always just spam it. Wait until the enemy is staggered or focused on someone else, charging a move, etc. especially if using from long distances.

I can say, tho, that the issue with chaos/too much stuff on screen is probably a user issue since many 2D side scrolling games and games like DMC, etc. don't seem to bother people with these types of issues. If there is a way to adjust it and make it clearer, tho, that would be useful for those that have issue with it like you or for general use. If you could make a comparison, assuming you played the other demos, with how this issue compares with those that would be interesting.

Glad to hear about the quest and size. Were the quests kinda mundane such as lots of fetch quests or a little more intricate and interesting? Figured that is how the car would operate but sad to hear it confirmed. At least we get chocobos... =x
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