Question EXPO RAM profiles and BIOS update problem ?


Feb 19, 2020
Hi there, I've got some problems with new CPU, MB and RAM.

So, I bought new parts to my pc which is:
Ryzen 7600x
Kingston Fury 32GB 6000MHZ CL36 Beast Black Expo AMD

Here's the two problems:

First problem, BIOS update. How to make safety bios update without causing motherboard brick or something? I downloaded new bios version, put it into pendrive, I entered bios and used EZ Flash. I made everything like in guide, I clicked yes and after 1 seconds my pc turned off and wont turn on. I dismounted motherboard battery and my pc turned on. Now I'm a little scared to make bios update, do you know safest option to make bios update?

Second problem, here we go this is madness. My Ram is running 4800mhz stock, I used EXPO 1 and EXPO 2 option. These options are causing high cpu voltage, hight cpu temperature, system is unstable, cinebench is crashing, aida64 is crashing, when cpu hits 95* my cpu speed isn't decreasing it stays in one place. I had exact problem with my old intel but there when I turned on XMP system was stable but CPU had high voltage and run always on boost. What should I do? Should I OC Ram by myself and not use Expo? When I'm using expo my cpu hits something about 80-85* and when I'm not using expo I have about 50-60* in games.

I hope I explained it well, my english isn't best.