Express 2.0 work at pci express x16 1.0

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Sep 20, 2011
i have a mb Asrock G41m-vs2

i want to buy ati hd 6850 express 2.0

the Question ...

video card that needs a PCI Express 2.0 slot work on my mobo that has PCI Express x 16 slots


and it will use 100% power of the GPU in games ??
To the best of my knowledge, all AMD Radeon HD 6000 series graphic cards have PCI-e 2.1 interface not PCI-e 2.0 interface.

While all PCI-e 2.0 cards will work in a PCI-e 1.x slot, there have been a few complaints of a PCI-e 2.1 graphics card not working in a PCI-e 1.x slot. I think it is pretty rare, but it is something you should know in case the HD 6850 does not work with your motherboard.

You don't need to worry about a PCI-e 1.x slot bottlenecking a HD 6850; there is plenty of bandwidth.
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