Question Extended display went black all of sudden and now works only at lower resolutions ?

Jun 10, 2022
I have an MSI GF66 Katana Laptop with an extended display on a Dell S2421 Gaming Monitor (1920x1080 resolution and 144Hz refresh rate). All of a sudden the display went black and now it only works when I reduce the aspect ratios to a lower value. What could be the reason? Can it be a problem with my HDMI cable or with my laptop?


Looks like monitor performance degradation. Aka monitor is on it's way out.

To test that:
  • Try with different, known to work monitor, to see if you can use it on same level as your current monitor (provided the replacement is capable of 144Hz @ 1080p).
  • Use your current monitor with another PC/laptop and look if the issue remains there as well.
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