Extending network to anther building


Nov 29, 2010
Hi there

We've just built a small studio flat around 20 metres away from our main house and now we're looking to get internet in there.

So far my best option seems to be to run an armoured Ethernet cable underground from the router into the flat (router is placed around 30 metres away)

So what I need is something to plug the cat5 into which will extend my home network so we can carry on sharing media, give us wireless in there, but it will also need some Ethernet ports to connect in my TV, av receiver etc.

So is there an access point which will do this, or should I just get another wireless router and extend the network that way? Or are there any other options which will maintain speed?

I've also considered a wireless extender of some form but there's a double garage in between so there would be a lot to pass.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


Mar 21, 2012
A switch should be fine if you're willing to run a wire. I'd go gigabit, other than that it depends on what you want to do. And if you are running wire, I highly reccomend 5E or 6 over 5, for the same reason.

Though 30 meters isn't that far, if you just want to go wireless n should be okay at that range, or you may just want to try it a bit before running the wire.