Extermal sSATA / USB enclosure that suports 3TB drives.


Dec 13, 2006
Hi, I am thinking of getting a 3TB drive and an enclosure but a lot of them only support 3TB/1.5TB drives. Has anyone got any recommendations for a reasonably cheap sSATA/USB 2(or even 3) enclosure (I will be using eSATA but may have to hook it up to other peoples computers)?


Alex Atkin UK

Jun 11, 2012
If its supports eSATA then it should work with ANY size, but drives over the size limit (usually 2TB) of the enclosure will ONLY work via eSATA not the USB connector.

The problem (as I understand it) is that the USB to SATA hardware has to do some sort of conversion to allow these large drives to work over Mass Storage.

For example I took the drive out of a Western Digital 2.5TB external enclosure (it was on sale so cheaper than buying the bare drive) and it appeared unformatted when placed in a PC.

Later after it had been formatted in the PC out of curiosity I tried putting it back to the enclosure. Again it showed as unformatted. So clearly there is something more complex going on than what was required for the <2TB drives which you usually can swap between the enclosure and PC without issues.