Question External DAC Headphone amp stopped working after windows update


Oct 1, 2012
I have a Micca Origen + DAC/Headphone amplifier that I have used for a couple years now. It is a pretty basic device, connects to USB and acts as basically an external sound card.

On 10/1/2020 my PC did a windows update and after the system rebooted the computer no longer recognizes this as an audio device. I was using the computer everything working fine. The notification it wanted to do a windows update popped up. I wasn't doing anything vital so I went ahead and did it right then. After the reboot I realized I wasn't getting any sound out of my headphones and that is how i discovered the issue. The normal on board sound and an external usb to 3.5mm jack adapter I have both work fine. Just this one device is acting up.

I have tried reinstalling the drivers. Which is very basic. The device just uses the generic Microsoft USB audio 2.0 drivers.
I have tried uninstalling the device and connecting it and installing the driver fresh. Still no luck.

In the Device manager window the system recognizes the device, it is called "VIA USB device" but instead of being under "audio inputs and outputs" section it is now listed in the "Other Devices" section and does not show up in the Audio device list at all where it used to be located in the menus.

I have reached out to Micca for help but at this point its been a week with no response from them so I'm trying to see if anyone else has a clue what I can do to fix this.