Question External Disk powers on PC when connected or after shutdown

Jan 28, 2020
New member here.
I've searched a little, but I don't see anything like this on the forum 9but that doesn't mean it's not there)

I got a new Seagate 6TB external disk (Backup Plus Hub) - running on Windows 10.
The disk works fine but - whenever it's attached it automatically boots the PC!

I want to keep this drive attached permanently (not just for backing up to) but whenever I shut my PC down - it will reboot again, unless I physically disconnect the disk!
It's attached to a USB 3 port - and does this on any port I connect to.
I have 2 other external disks (which are not attached permanently) that do not do this.
In fact I've never seen a disk automatically boot up a PC when it's attached.

  • So, if you connect the disk to a USB port (PC off) it will power on the PC.
  • If you power down the PC, it spins down and then powers the PC back on again.
Is this by design? (maybe it's meant as a backup device and meant to be disconnected when not in use?) If so - it's really annoying, as I just want to use it as an extra data drive and it will always be connected.
As it is - I need to remember to disconnect it (quickly) every time I power down the PC.

I think it doesn't do this when connected to a USB hub. The hub I tried it on is not USB 3 so the disk performance is crappy when attached to the USB hub. I've ordered a cheap USB 3 hub to see if that works.

Has anybody seen anything like this?
Any ideas how to make it so I can power down my PC and leave it attached?

John B
Jan 28, 2020
I found it in the BIOS - thanks Laptop-Tech.
I had tried a bunch of things, but tried some more tonight.
Mobo is Asus P8Z77-V
setting is called APM -> ErP ready --- set to disabled (was enabled)

Here's what Google says about ErP
"ErP Support determines whether to let the system consume less than 1W of power in S5 (shutdown) state. When the setting is enabled, the following four functions will become unavailable: PME Event Wake Up, Power On By Mouse, Power On By Keyboard, and Wake On LAN."

Those four things were already "disabled", so I have no idea why this made a difference. Also, none of them has anything to do with a USB Disk powering on - unless it's the "PME Event Wake Up".

Anyway, thanks again for making me think to try again.
Maybe someone else can benefit from this ;-)

John B