Question External drive slow using Macbook ?

May 25, 2022
Edit: can someone put this in Hardware > Storage forum?

Hi, please direct me to an existing post thread if you think it can be solved easily.
Getting between 50kb/s - 1MB/s while copying folders which may contain more smaller files. Speeds are ok when copying a whole ZIP archive. Then tried extracting the archive but one software gets an error and even when i get it to run it's snail slow.

Some folders take a long time to read. And some older folders don't even load, so i considered booting into Linux or a virtual machine. The drive is NTFS, but i have some drivers to mount it with write capability. I lost the USB 3.0 cable, so using 2.0 which i think this laptop is anyways.
Do I need to run a scan or reformat or get a new drive? If I can recover some of the folders, i'm not sure if i'll use HFS or whatever.

Disk Utility greys out the option to run First Aid.
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