External drives and RAID - is this possible?


Mar 27, 2012
Hi there. I have a plug computer running linux. It's main storage comes from two external hard drives, one a toshiba usb and one a western digitial esata. In total the plug computer has one esata interface and two usb interfaces.

I've experimented using software raid 1 for the two drives but I'm not very comfortable with it (it's tanked on me several times quite unpredictably). I was therefore wondering whether there exists some kind of a box which does the following:

- connects to the plug computer via esata
- houses some kind of a low end hardware raid card
- allows external drives to connect to it to provide the storage as opposed to internal sata drives (ideally the connections would include esata and usb)

I've done some searching and nothing obvious has appeared. I'm aware this is slightly esoteric so I wouldn't be surprised if this simply doesn't exist. My alternative would be to replace the two existing drives and purchase something like this: http://www.akitio.com/professional-storage/taurus-mini-super-s-lcm . However I first wanted to check whether there was a way to cobble together some kind of a raid 1 setup with the existing external drives.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.
Not that I have ever heard of. People use software RAID1 for this.

What is a "plug computer?" EDIT: Oh, that's what it is. If I had one of those, I would install not RAID1 software but an automatic backup package. One that wakes up every N minutes, or hours, looks for changes in the filesystem, and copies the changes to the external drive.

Your backup unit will be larger than your computer! Have you considered network backups?