Question External GPU setup via PCI-Express (Networking Card) on Asus n46vm Notebook. Can I make it work?

Apr 10, 2021
My notebook is an Asus N46VM.

GT 60m
(4x2) GB dddr3 Ram
Sata 2 - 480GB Kingston SSD
External VGI Monitor

The processor is amazing, but it is heavily limited by the graphics card. Portability is not a factor here, this notebook isn't going anywhere and I have a good ammount of space. I can hardly find documentation or tutorial about this model online, so I came here searching for some expert wisdom. My notebook has a PCI-E express slot that's currently being ocupied by my networking card. I was thinking about using it to connect an external GPU to it, but i don't know if my model supports it.

-Is it possible to install an E-GPU in it by any means? I was thinking about a 1050TI or gtx960.
-Also, do non Thunderbolt E-GPU settups have any delay?
-If it is possible, what dock and GPU/Power Supply combination would you recomend?

OBS: A bit short on money, and parts are really expensive where i live. This solution was the best i could think of.