Question External Hard Drive "A device which does not exist was specified" on Bootcamp only


Jul 27, 2017
I had the bright idea to set up bootcamp on my macbook and then use an external hard drive to extend the space of my windows partition. However, the drive seems to have stopped working. It keeps on erroring out with:

"Location is Not Available"
D:/ is not accessible
A device which does not exist was specified.
I have tried updating and reinstalling my drivers.
I have also tried reformatting the drive to NTFS from exFat, but no luck.
SATA cable seems fine as the hard drive is recognized in my pc setup and USB ports seem fine on my macbook as I can still use my mouse.
I can even use my external HDD fine with my macOS partition, just not my Windows.
So my conclusion is it has to do something with how my bootcamp installation interacts with the drive.

CHKDSK doesn't show anything. Beyond the initial error, my windows installation cannot see my external HDD.

Disk management is showing errors of what looks like attempts to read the HDD. Also, if I replugin the HDD it will flicker for about a second where it shows a healthy HDD, then diasppear.

Has anyone else gotten this error? I greatly appreciate the help.