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Question External Hard Drive bricking my front USB ports until I restart?


Apr 23, 2017
Hi there,
I had this problem for a while to which my computer would stop mounting USB devices when I plugged them into the front port. Today I attempted to plug in my external hard drive. It powered it but my computer refused to mount it or even recognise it. So I unplugged it and attempted to plug my usb stick in, nothing. I restarted - it got stuck in a restart loop and had to be forced to power off, it had little to no activity so I wasn't worried about damaging anything. It starts fine, I plug in the USB stick, it mounts and the files are displayed. I plug in the hard drive to the other port? The USB stick is no longer recognised and the same problem occurs, even the restart loop. So I just restarted it now and plugged my wireless headset in, it works fine. The USB stick also is recognised. The computer has been on for 10 minutes now, Unplugging and plugging them 2 devices back in and windows always recognises it. Put the computer to sleep and come back? Windows still recognises it. I'm thinking I should stop using the external hard drive as nothing I truely need with this computer is on there and if I need anything i'll try a different computer but I just find it weird how one device causes big issues like this. I had this issue the other day, after contacting support a couple months prior about the same issue, reinstalled windows. It recognised the hard drive fine. However I had another issue unrelated where it wouldn't boot from sleep mode which I fixed and I realised that the computer was somehow attempting to boot off the external hard drive however it couldn't so it was just giving me the no bootable device error which was also weird as I thought it would just try to boot off the next drive instead, this was just fixed with a couple clicks in the boot order in the bios and it worked afterwards. I feel like theres something thats disagreeing with the computer when I plug the hard drive in because no other devices are having this issue. I'm sorry if this is slightly difficult to understand, it's pretty late and i'm having trouble wording all of this if you know what i mean.