External Hard Drive cant be seen after putting it on my Xbox 1

Nov 11, 2018
Hello! I recently bought a Seagate Backup+ Slim 2TB external Hard drive. I tried it on my pc and it works, I even transfered some files into it. My brother then tries to connect it to our Xbox 1 in order to store games but it doesnt work. I tried plugging it back to my PC but it cant be seen,
1. Device manager can detect it
2. I cant see it on disk management
3. I cant see it on "This PC" or the file explorer

I have tried:
1. Uninstalling the device from device manager and restart my PC so the drivers would install again. Did not work

Hoping for your answers thanks


Oct 13, 2018
Sounds like your drive died unexpectedly. Most likely from static electricity.
usually, the usb->sata interface only shows in device manager, and not the drive itself when it does that.

2tb would be the max, because xbox1 uses mbr. However, since its a Microsoft product, you should refer to documentation for the maximum capacity.

If you make a linux disk (like ubunu desktop), the drive would appear on the desktop on the live cd trial boot. Otherwise, it is not communicating to the usb->sata controller in the external drive case.

you could use segate's disk wizard to see if the drive is communicating its controller. https://www.seagate.com/support/downloads/discwizard/

Just remember, a mechanical hard drive should not be moved around while its running.

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