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External Hard Drive Compatibility Windows ME OS


Jul 25, 2010
I currently have an external Seagate 120 BG hard drive which runs off a power adapter. I originally used it on my Windows ME OS laptop (USB 1.0), then on my Windows XP laptop (USB 2.0), and then on my MacBook Pro laptop. Unfortunately, someone in my family unplugged it from the Windows XP laptop without utilizing the "remove hardware" step. Now the only computer that reads the hard drive is my Windows ME computer. The other two computers ask me to format it when it gets plugged in.

I purchased a Toshiba 500 GB external hard drive to use for my backups on my MacBook Pro. Unfortunately, my Windows ME laptop is not compatible and I can't just transfer my data from the Seagate to the Toshiba.

Any solutions as to what I can do to get the data easily transferred from my Seagate (operating on a Windows ME) laptop to my Toshiba (operating on my Mac & Windows XP)? Is there a current external hard drive existing which I can purchase (inexpensively) and attach to the Windows ME computer so I can just transfer the data and then plug it into either my XP laptop or my MacBook Pro?

I would appreciate any suggestions that would be easy to apply-I am not a person who is familiar with any sort of disassembling of a computer. I am able to follow detailed instructions, but not sure I'd be able to understand full computer "vocabulary."



Nov 12, 2009
Do this:

1) Transfer the SeaGate data to ME.

2) Format the SeaGate in FAT32.

3) Transfer the data back and see if XP or Mac can read it now.

What you do with the Toshiba HDD is up to you.

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