Question External Hard Drive connected to TV accessible on the Network?

Feb 13, 2019
I bought a 2 TB hard drive to connect to an Android TV BOX. It worked fine on my old one but the new one I just purchased can’t see it for some reason. So, I plugged the Hard drive into the USB port on my TV. The TV plays all my saved content perfectly. My question is, since the tv is on the same network as the Android box, shouldn’t there be a way to access it over the network? I can “see” the tv when I log into my router but not the connected hard drive as an individual folder or directory. Also, my router does have a USB port (that was my first solution) but when I plug any large storage device into it, it freaks out and dumps. Any thoughts on how to access this drive? I have reserved an IP in the router for the TV, so that it will always stay if that gives anyone any ideas. Thanks in advance for any help or insight anybody can give me.


There is no way to have the TV share the drive on the network. You need to share it out using a computer, or put it on the network using a NAS or the router. Did you check for a firmware update for the router? That may help with the drive issue.
Mar 23, 2019
you can try to connect ur hdd to your router and enable media sharing in your router home-settings (if available). you should see your folders then if you want to access them via your home network using any device connected to it. setting a static ip for all devices is a good idea.

u can then upload files from your pc f.e. to your media server (make sure the file format is playable by your TV) and access them via your home network.

i don't think that its possible to "send" from your TV since it's probably not made to be a "home-server" and could probably cause damage as stated by seagate_surfer.
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