External Hard Drive is in RAW Format?


Dec 28, 2011
Hello! (I'm 14, so excuse me for my grammar and the lack of knowledge) I've looked for my problem but although some people's are similar, I haven't got a solution, so I thought I'd come here.
I have a Fujitsu Siemens laptop, Windows Vista Home Basic.
The (I, uh, don't know the make/model, sorry!) hard drive is 232 gb, but when I first used it, it was 252gb.
Recently, my dad bought me a external hard drive to deal with the lack of space. It worked for a while until (I honestly don't know how) some of the files on my external hard-drive became corrupt. I looked online and asked my dad, and the solution came up to format it.

I formatted it and it worked for about 3 weeks. After the third week, my dad accidently turned off the battery charger which caused my laptop to shut down. When I re-started it, some of the files (Again) were corrupt and I searched through google and my dad's advice and I found to re-format it.

When I went to re-format it, it gave me an error. I went to Computer Management and this is what I see:

I've moved all of my documents out.

I'm sorry but the great big wall of text, but I'm tearing my hair out here. Asking my dad isn't an issue, since when I asked him he said: "Don't ask me, this is your problem now."

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