External Hard Drive issues


Aug 27, 2014
So here's my story, I have an 1tb external seagate backup plus slim hard drive. I was on vacation and when I came back, I found out my PC running windows 7 had many many virus's on it. So I took my external hard drive, plugged it in, and cut and pasted all my personal photos on to it. Now that's my mistake on my part. Anyways, after the transfer was complete, (a transfer of roughly 30gb or so) I was scrolling through all my pictures just to make sure I had everything that was supposed to be there. As I was going through my photos, the file explorer crashed, as well as most of the operating system. No icons showed, no mouse pointer showed, the dock was missing, ctr Alt delete didn't do anything, I basically had no way of accessing anything on my PC. All that showed up was my desk top wallpaper. So I unplugged my hard drive, and had to forcefully restart my computer. (Cutting power then turning it back on) the PC then turned back on normally. As I plugged my hard drive back in, nothing showed up. All that happens is I here the sound notifying me that something was plugged in, but nothing shows up in my computer, or disk managment, or device manager. I've tried everything I could to fix my hard drive or at least recover my photos, but all attempts of mine haven't been successful. I really need help, I would at least like to recover my photos if possible.

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