Question External hard drive not working with one specific USB port

Sep 12, 2020
Hey everyone, I would appreciate any help with my problem.

My external SSD is not working with one particular USB 3.1 gen 2 port. It's not detected in device manager or file explorer. No yellow warnings or exclamation marks at all. It was fine this morning, then it would only be detected half the time and now nothing.

Other devices work in that port and the SSD works with other USB ports.

Oh except for one USB 2.0 port, which only detects it half the time. I'm worried that soon it'll stop working with the drive as well.

I've tried reinstalling the drivers for the SSD and the things under USB controllers in device manager.

Any idea what's going on?

Windows 10
SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD
MSI B450m Pro Vdh Max
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If the SSD is yet within warranty period, then it's time to get a replacement, if it's beyond warranty, you can crack open the chassis to access the M.2 drive inside. Unfortunately if you're asking for a way to back data up from the drive, outside of breaking it open are very limited. You could try and source an M.2 drive dock since I'm assuming that the PCB inside the SanDisk unit is faulty or failing or the drive itself is failing.

This is all assuming that the SSD was taken to a donor system and you're not facing an anomaly with USB ports off the case front panel/your motherboard.
Is the port in question on the rear I/O panel or is it on the front of the case?
If the front, look to the usb connection cable. They are stiff and do not fit into the motherboard socket securely and are easily dislodged.
On occasion, the pins can get damaged trying to get the cable in securely.

Because the ssd works on other ports, I would not think that it is defective.