[SOLVED] External Hard Drive Turned To Local Disk And Not Accessible


Oct 18, 2017
Hi, My 4TB External Hard Drive was working well while I transfer files, sorry for my language ı am not native, And I wanted to change the speed because it was low as 35mb/ps and ı read that under policies segment there is another option for "better performance". And After I changed my setting From Quick Removal To Better Performance to boost the speed of transfer rate, the pc rebooted and Wd Elements Turned To "Local Disk F":.

I tried to access Disk Management And after I wait several seconds the HDD was showing up there but inaccessible.The File type was RAW.

I tried CMD to use "chkdsk" but the letter was not responding.And I applied D:\>chkdsk A: /f /x /r and it started the process and Identify the File System as NTFS.I thought it will work fine and repair it.But After I wait 15 hours ıt was in Stage 2 %85 and somehow it got disconneted by touch mistakenly.

Now I started it Again with D:\>chkdsk A: /f only.Should I wait for it complete CHKDSK or Format The disk ? If so How... Help Please
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