Question External HDD Connection Issue


Jul 21, 2017
I have an HDD I'm going to use in a new build for my nephew and I just want to make sure if there is anything on it that I have everything off of it I need (I think I already backed it up, but just to be sure). I have it connected externally via a USB 3.0 cable that has the power and SATA connection (it's a StarTech cable) - see image.

It has an Orange light (which I'm not sure if that is okay or if it should be Green) which you can see in the picture, but it's not showing under This PC-->Devices and Drives...but when I open Devices and Printers and click on the hard drive under 'Devices' it actually shows 3 'Device Functions' under hardware- see image.

I was assuming this was the HDD I have inside my computer but my M.2 SSD is my C drive and the internal hard drive is drive E. I'm not sure what the D drive is showing under 'Hardware' and then this is connected through USB so I'm assuming one of those is the actual device the/HDD I'm looking for but I'm not sure how to pull it up to get the data of it.

Or am I wrong and it should be showing under Devices and Drive just like if I plugged in a thumb drive or external hard drive?

It's my 1st time using this cable. I forgot I even had it. I ran across it while going through some cables and getting things together for my nephew.
I am concerned that the 3.5" hard drive isn't getting enough power through a USB connection. The orange light might be an indication that it isn't. These cables are meant to interface with laptop style 2.5" drives and SSDs, not so much full size drives.

The interface seems to be working correctly, it just isn't providing enough power to the drive.

To interface a 3.5" drive with USB you will need an external power source. You can get what you need with either a hard drive dock that is designed to use 3.5" drives or an external enclosure. Both will have external power which will provide the juice the drive needs to function correctly.