Question External HDD on docking station can read fine, but when writing it plummets to 0B/s after 2 or 3 seconds.

Mar 4, 2021
Hey everyone, I've got a problem here.
I have a 3TB Seagate (ST3000DM001) connected to a docking station on my Dell Inspiron 7472.
I got the drive transported from Brazil to here in Japan (carefully, by a trusted person) to access some data that I couldn't send online because of internet speed limitations.
I got all the files I wanted copied from this 3TB Seagate drive to another 6TB drive that I had here.
Now I wanted to backup some of the files from that 6TB drive on the 3TB one, but the problem appears here.
When I try writing any files to the 3TB drive, it starts writing fine, but after 1 sec (around 50 to 100MB) it suddenly plummets and stops writing.
The writing graph is still on screen and responds actively, but the writing stops.
When I click on cancel, it takes some time to stop and usually I cant access the drive until it crashes together with Windows Explorer and it restarts the Explorer.
I really don't know what's going on, can someone help me?
I just want to have a secondary backup for some files I've got here...

I did test the drive with SeaTools, it runs everything fine, but I'm a bit overwhelmed and don't know properly what tests I should run


Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.

Where are the connected drives getting their power: USB, docking station, their own power source?

Have you tried other known working power and data cables?

Look in Reliability History and Event Viewer for error codes, warnings, and even informational events that correspond with the times that writing stops.

Start with Reliability History - much more user friendly and the timeline format may make the start of the problem(s) readily apparent.

You can also use Task Manager and Resource Monitor to observe system performance before, during, and after attempting the "writes".

Use both tools but only one at at time.

Determine what happens or changes when writing stops.
Mar 4, 2021
Hi, sorry for the late response.
My system is a Dell Inspiron 7472, i7 8550U, 16GB RAM and 960GB Kingston A400 SSD

The 6TB USB drive has a power source of it's own connected to the wall, but it doesn't seem to be playing a part in the problem.

The 3TB Seagate (ST3000DM001) is docked on the station, which has another power source of it's own, connected to the wall.
One thing is that this drive was brought to me by plane, from the other side world... But before that it was working fine.

The data and power cables are all working fine with other drives docked.

Monitoring with the Task Manager, the drive goes to 100% usage when the transfer rate drops to zero. That's the only info I could gather.

Monitoring with the Reliability History, there were no errors or informational events that appear during the transfer.

But after waiting for a while, a message appeared saying "an unexpected error is keeping you from copying the file"
The error is “Error 0x80070079: The semaphore timeout period has expired”

After a quick search I saw some people recommending formating the drive... What should I do?