External hdd volume information not found


Jul 1, 2012
my 2tb external hard no loner appears as a drive. I can see the drive in device manager but volume info is not found. this drive was working fine than just disappeared and will not boot with usb connection. I can see it using my blackx box but cannot access data. how can I recover data?


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You may have pulled the plug on the drive while it was still writing - always use the "safely remove hardware" icon to power down and disconnect the drive before removing it.

Try another USB plug. Use one on the back of the computer, it would be the best. This has been known to sometimes work.

Try to plug in the USB drive before you turn on the computer. Or if you've done that - try to plug in the USB drive after the computer is on.

Go to device manager , open the USB controllers ,
If you find one with a yellow check mark, uninstall it , then rescan for
hardware changes - Windows should reinstall the USB driver at this point


Feb 1, 2014
:(I've got exactly the same problem with a My Passport 0730 ( a WD 500Gb external hdd). I'm trying for the last 24 hours lots of tricks and software but still didn't get any positive results. One year of studies lying in this hard drive. When I plugged it in the computer running Win8 it installs itself in perfection, I hear the disk spinning, it stays like a charm in the disk area of the Device Manager, but doesn't appears in My Computer neither in the Disk Management in System tools. Any help PLEASE?!

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