Question External monitor over Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter cable is not correctly detected - HP zbook 15 G3


Nov 11, 2017
I have an HP Zbook 15 G3. I want to use two external monitors (they are both the same). LG Ultrawide 29UM58-P. One of them is connected over the HDMI output and works correctly. The other one should be connected over one of the Thunderbolt outputs via an HDMI adapter cable that I have:
The problem is that the monitor is detected but then disappears and that cycle repeats, as shown here:

I have updated nvidia drivers (Quadro M1200), tested on both monitors and I also tested connecting my Samsung S20 to the monitor and it shows image, so I think the cable is not the problem. Thunderbolt security is also disabled on the BIOS. What can be the error?
Alternatively I tried using the VGA output using this adapter: It shows signal and works but stretches image using 1920x1080 and looks bad and I cant set it to show up with 2560x1080.
Any possible solution I can try? Maybe is the adapter cable not the most suitable one?

The iGPU works with the VGA output (Intel Graphics 530)
and for the HDMI and Thunderbolt outputs the Quadro M1200
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