[SOLVED] External monitors started flickering after updates on Lenovo T14 laptop, but don't flicker with laptop open (solved!)

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Feb 27, 2010
The Lenovo Vantage app updated my BIOS and some other Intel components on my T14.
Everything is fine using the laptop alone.
Everything is fine when I put my laptop in its dock (with lid open) that is connected to two new Viewsonic VG2439Smh's.
One monitor is connected with HDMI. The other is connected with DVI.
The problem is when I close the laptop lid, both displays start to flicker. Thin vertical lines are flickering badly.
If I open the laptop again (while still in the dock) the flickering on the external displays stops.
I tried uninstalling the Intel UHD driver and restarting PC with the "basic" driver. The PC starts, updates the "basic" driver and the problem returns.
This never happened prior to today's "updates".
Any ideas?

Figured it out. After uninstalling and reinstalling the display adapters and monitor drivers, I noticed "interlaced" next to the refresh rate (59.9hz) I was using in the advanced display properties. I switched to the 59.9 that didn't have "interlaced" next to it and the flickering stopped. Yay! Who the heck is using interlaced refresh rates in 2022?? And why would that be the default selection??
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