External Mouse Jumps While in Game running XP Compatibility (Windows 10)

May 16, 2018
Hello, All!

First off, sorry if this thread is under the wrong category, but I was unsure what else to put it under. Admins, if you prefer it under another, I will gladly move it to the proper one.

So as the title says, I am having an issue with my mouse jumping around while playing a game.

I am currently running Windows 10, but like to play games from 98, ME and XP. I have to run them with Windows XP Compatibility. While playing these games, my mouse jumps around randomly. I am using an external mouse, and it only happens while playing the games that require to run under compatibility. In particular, one of the games is a Klondike-style Solitaire. While playing, if I grab a card to move it to another pile, the card and cursor will disappear off the screen. The issue started when I started running the games in Comp., however, I have to run them in Comp. Mode as they will not work otherwise.

If anyone has any thoughts, they would be very much appreciated. If anyone needs more information, I will gladly provide! Thank you in advance!


Oct 8, 2012
I'm sorry this is not totally clear. You say the issues began when you started running the programs in Compatibility mode, but you also say that it would not run without. How exactly did it work prior?