Question External SSD for laptop (gaming)?


Aug 31, 2012
SO I have a decent gaming laptop. A bit older, but can run most games. Its in between a PS4 and PS5 pretty much. However SOME games take extremely long to load. My laptop came with 2 drives. A 256 GB SSD and a Terabyte traditional HDD. Obvioudly I have Wwindows on the SSD and like 2 games. thats all I can hold.

I do not have the technical ability ( or really the time or patience) To install an internall SSD onto a laptop. I have USB 3.0 ports on the laptop and wondered if an external SSD would be adequate and huge improvement for some long load times on some games. I am looking to spend $75-150 USD. I would prefer 1 TB minimum. Looking for something that is long lasting, and stable and good speeds. ANy recomendations?