Question External SSD not recognized over USB

Sep 4, 2020
I recently bought an SSD so I could upgrade my laptop with a hard drive in it. I cloned the hard drive to the SSD and it all went well until I tried booting into the SSD. It wouldn't boot up and even if it did, the boot time was way slower than my hard drive. So, I decided to install windows manually into the SSD without my files from the hard drive. But once I plugged the SSD in using the USB to SATA cable, it said that the disk E: (the main disk) had a problem and that it had to be scanned. I wanted to access the SSD again so that I could erase all the data in it, so that I could install windows manually. It showed up in all apps except for disk management.

Is there are way to erase all the data in the SSD without the help of disk management? Or is there a way I could fix the SSD so that it can be recognized in the disk management?