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Question Extra FANS beneath the GPU? Good, Bad or "Okay"

Jun 2, 2020
I have a case this is a Lan cool 2. Im still experimenting some airflow setups my ideal is that I'll try to mount the fans as much as possible my projected setup is 3 fans intake on fron 3 fance exhaust (1 rear 2 on top) and then another two at the bottom for GPU which comes my question now. should it be an intake or an exhaust? I saw some couple of builds that they reverse the fan below the GPU so i would assume if the front of the fan is facing down that is intake and it is absorbing air going through the GPU which the GPU fans are also facing down so is it good or bad?

and BTW this is my first time setup i dont have any liquid cooling yet whatsoever just pure airflow setup

Thank you everyone have a nice day


May 19, 2020
1st... No matter how many fans you add... you airflow depends on the quality of the case and it's design... Also depends on your cable management.
2nd... Hot air is moving upwards... so the best way to add cool air inside is always from the bottom.... always the bottom of the case should be intake fan.
3rd... I've personally tried on very bad cases with different, configurations and different number of fans... it really depends on the case...So for me when the case is not really good one... I don't see any point of adding a ton of fans, just put 1 intake front and 1 exhaust in the rear and your ready, it just adds noise if the fans are not quality ones and the case doesn't have good airflow.
4th... You should always get more airflow out (positive airflow), the air always finds it's way inside the case... Its harder to exhaust air, than to push fresh air inside. You should calculate your fans.... so they will get a bit more air out than in. Also always pay attention to the fans itself.. they have something called
Air Flow:
56.3 CFM / 95.65 m³/h
It's different for different fans (blade shape, speed, dimensions)...So better buy the same fans....
Jun 2, 2020
yes i was thinking the same of buying the same brand and model of fans to achieve accuracy. will take your advice thank you i have a lot of testings to do :D
Feb 29, 2020
You also want air to blow one way across your components to get good flow. Like intakes in the front and exhaust in the back. If you added another fan to the bottom front you would be disturbing the air flow and making things worse even tho there are more fans. But if you moved that fan to the rear top as an exhaust you'd be helping with the natural convection of hot air rising and ejecting air after its gone across your parts.
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