Extra wires for my power supply?


Sep 12, 2012
So a while ago I built my new computer from scratch, Or at least, almost. I kep thte power supply from my old computer to save some money, and I bought myself a SSD with 60 GB of space. At the time I didn't need much, so I thought it'd be fine.

Now I've come to need a LOT more space, and after looking at my power supply, there's only connector for a hard drive. I already have a hard drive with 400 GB of space, I just need to connect it to the power supply somehow.

Is it possible to get extra connectors (the power supply has plenty of splitters, I just don't have some SATA connector to attach the hard drive to the power supply) or do I have to purchase an entirely new power supply?


Oct 26, 2012
Is this a power supply from a pre-built design such as Dell or Asus? Only those often are less powerful and have less connector on them. Probably you'll be just as well to buy new one to give yourself the extra connections in the future.

However, having said that, you can buy SATA power splitters that enable you to power two devices from one power supply cable although too many devices may overload the PSU. Heres the links to such splitters: http://goo.gl/3mrVd and http://goo.gl/gnLiz

Hope some of this helps :)