Question Extracting Full Power from PCIe Slot

Mar 26, 2019
I'm overclocking my GPU who doesn't have an external 6 pin or 8 pin power connector. If I set my power limit to maximum to use all PCIe power would it have any negative effects?

I use an MSI Radeon 560 Aero ITX graphics card, paired with an MSI B450 Tomahawk motherboard.

Math Geek

the motherboard and gpu both have safe guards built in to help prevent damage. you can up the power limits all you want but the slot will still only give what it can before it gives out or protections step in and lower power delivered.

most likely what i see happening with overly aggressive settings is that the card will sit there bouncing off power and thermal limits which can negatively impact performance. while at stock or slight oc settings, it would run much more steady and offer smoother performance. the couple of fps you might gain from such settings really is not worth the headaches and risks IMO.