Question Extreme and variable ping spikes on ethernet and wifi.

Jan 5, 2020
We have 20 mbps down and 1 mbps up with Centurylink. When I play online games or watch streams I get ping spikes from 150-1000 ms in the game or on my command prompt ping test. Tracerouts show an average ping of 250ms with a range of 20-1000 and a 1-3% packet loss. This leaves me unable to play games and with a buffering stream. These issues are cross device as I've seen the ping spikes on my PC, and two laptops and being wired into ethernet doesn't alleviate the issue. When these ping spikes occur it seems that my down speed reduces to 1-10 mbps. My ISP assures me they fixed any issues on their end. Two things that I suspect might be the issue are my modem/router (an Actiontec C3000A from centurylink) and my sister watching netflix or youtube 24/7 on her smart TV. The spikes seem to get worse when she is streaming netflix but it still can occur when I am the only one home. Reseting the router only fixes the ping spikes sometimes and now it only fixes itself for10-20 minutes before it gets bad again. I have updated all my drivers, resource monitor doesn't show any increase in netowork usage when ping spikes occur, and my cpu temperature nor my cpu usage increase when the spikes occur. Supposedly this router is a pretty good one from centurylink and this internet speed shouldn't have all of its bandwidth eaten up just from one person watching a youtube video should it?