Question Extreme lag spike once per day

Nov 20, 2019

I use a TalkTalk WiFi Hub and I live in the UK (the router is made by sagemcom I think). My internet is normally fine, and I play overwatch on the ps4 alot. However, once per day I have an extreme lag spike, which takes my latency from a normal 50-70ms up to around 1000-3000ms - it seems like the packets are not going through at all. It tends to happen at night, (11:30pm, 11:45, 12 and 1 the last times it has happened) and my internet is otherwise pretty stable. It lasts around 5-15 minutes and the game is obviously unplayable. Does anyone know what could causes this issue and how I could fix it?

Additionally, in an attempt to combat it I have tried to portforward to my ps4 but no matter what I try and do the ports never appear open when I test them online. I have my ps4 on to receive the information, and I test it on my phone. My connection is wired via ethernet cable and I lowered the firewall to make sure it's not that.

Is there any help anyone can give me, I'll give more information if needed