Question Extreme lag spikes - not just in games (specs included)


Oct 5, 2018
I have had two major problems (which may or may not be related):
  1. Insane lag during PC use (not only gaming). This includes audio lagging and produsent a weird robotic noise, sometimes leading to a bluescreen. The audio and graphical lag always occur at the same time.The lag spikes can occur anywhere from a few seconds, to a few minutes, or until my computer crashes, which sometimes results in bluescreen.
  2. Windows wont start at all. I boot up the computer and i see the Windows loading icon spin, but then it freezes i.e. It stops spinning, and stays like that forever. This happened with both my boot drives and i could always access safe mode. This was finally fixed when i slotted my gpu in my other 16x slot, lower down.
The issues happened randomly. I have been running the computer for several months without problems.

There is seemingly no pattern for the lag to start and i haven't noticed any spikes in cpu og gpu usage, the times i have checked.


To get rid of the lag i have also (where i have still experienced lag)
-Uninstalled and reinstalled nvidia drivers (using ddu)
-reinstalling windows
-using a different boot drive

I have also tried
-using a different gpu, which did not lag the limited time i was borrowing it. - my friend who borrowed me his gpu also loaned mine and he experienced no lag.
-checking the cpu And gpu temps (however no expensive testing has been done here)

Relevant PC hardware
-Asus maximus viii hero - 1151 skylake
-dominator platinum 16GB ram
-i7-6700k (not overclocked)
-corsair 860w PSU
-1070 strix GPU
-256 GB SAMSUNG 950 EVO M.2 (OS)
-120 GB ssd (OS)

Bluescreen - video TDR failure (nvlddmkm.sys) (image attached) IMG_3154.HEIC