Question Extreme nonstop ping fluctuations but normal speed when more than one device is being used

Feb 15, 2020

My laptop (Toshiba, Windows 10) is getting extreme fluctuations in ping going between 190-4-5k ms or more nonstop (180ms is normal here - connecting to an American TS server while in Oceania). It occurs whenever more than one device is using the internet at my home. Yet it is only my laptop that has this problem - the same was the case at the last place I lived at where I suspected an old router, but this place has a newish router. At my old place my flatmate could play games on his desktop computer but never had the ping issues, it was just my laptop.
When no other device is connected, my ping is fine, unaffected. When I connect my laptop onto ethernet, no change occurs to the fluctuations, just a slightly higher speed. My room is directly above the router placement.
This started happening around August last year (2019).

I am not that great with understanding tech but I can follow proper instructions, have tried:

- Basics - restarting laptop, wifi connection, airplane mode off, router.. but still ask I guess, maybe I forgot something simple

- I apparently had the network net to as a public connection, changed that to private and a lot of things were requiring firewall or antivirus (?) allowance. - I have updated the network adapter drivers

- I have troubleshooted - sometimes a DNS problem notif pops up but almost never.

- I have tried the ping config - don't get packet loss only in the moment I connect a new device to the internet - in that moment my laptop gets a drop - or even when lets say on my phone I click to load up a new video, and it drops in that moment too ? Not 100% sure about this one.

- I reset the network stack using cmd (this was suggested - again I can follow instructions, don't 100% understand what they do)

- have reset the network adapter settings

- I can't roll back the driver (option not available)

- I haven't tried uninstalling... because once I tried to uninstall my inbuilt webcam, and it never installed back and has basically disappeared now - yes I've tried a lot of things for that, not my problem rn.

- I turned the antivirus off (Real time protection) off, then tried firewall off by itself too, then tried both off.. hmm not really a difference but it did slightly lower it? maybe I'm imagining it but might be worth a look?

- I created a High Performance custom plan.. hmm I do notice I have this notification that has liked to appear in the bottom right msgs sometimes. Something about Toshiba Sleep and Charge is ready (TOSHIBA.TOSHIBASystemSettings.TSSSrv), like it pops up when I slowly lower my screen? It is also only during this period that my webcam works and the 'invisible driver' pops up in the devices manager list - otherwise it's invisible or doesn't even exist.
But back to high perf profile.. I think I have most of it set on High performance, maybe I missed something? processor rate at 98%
Again even if you think I've done it maybe it's best to ask me to recheck - maybe I really haven't done it.

- No, I do not download stuff like films..

- I've done most steps in this: Change the Intel Advanced Wi-fi Adapter Settings to Improve Slow Performance and Intermittent connections?
It's Dell based, so quite a few options weren't actually present for me to change?
.. When changing '802.11a/b/g/ Wireless Mode' from Dual Bnd 802.11a/b/g to 5GHz 802.11a my laptop could not even connect to the internet, the rest of the options there I was able to, but it didn't exactly resolve the ping issue.. <---- for all this it would be probably worth a look to double check things or try things maybe? I haven't really done a lot with it.

- It says that by enabling the throughput booster it could prioritize my internet, that didn't really happen either.

Again, the speed of the internet is fine, the ping is the issue, even when not connecting to US servers. Just in my own country I am receiving like 80-117ms when I get 1-3ms as the only device using the internet. Again if there are more devices on the internet, it appears my laptop itself has the issue. There's days I can't even load up any website..

I am so at loss at what to do tbh, there must be some setting right? somewhere? I don't want to buy something that 'improves internet speed' only to realize it won't help at all with ping problems :(

Windows 10, Intel, Nvidia
Toshiba Satellite, maybe 3 years old
Network Adapter (wifi): Intel(R) Dual band Wireless-AC 7265

Sigh please help, I am running out of hope here :(