Question Extreme 'screen-tearing' happening constantly across entire PC

Oct 16, 2022
I don't usually use forums but I'm completely stumped on this one.

My brother has had a prebuilt (Acer Nitro N50-620) with a 3060 for 4-5 months.
Recently, there has been constant screen-tearing/flickering (I don't know what a better description would be) happening throughout the entire PC. Everything is affected; lockscreen, desktop, applications, literally everything. When the flickering is happening, the PC is more or less unusable, particularly with more applications open because the flickering seems to get worse and worse.
I will attach a streamable clip of what it looks like:

The issue only started a week ago after he started playing Cyberpunk 2077 (using intensive settings), although according to my brother the issue has happened once before for a very brief period while playing a different game, before going back to normal the next day.

We've isolated the issue to the 3060 because the flckering only stops when the 3060 is disabled in Device Manager > Display Adapters > RTX 3060.

Things we have tried so far include:
  • Changing to a different refresh rate/resolution (switched from 165hz/4k to 60hz/1080p, there was no change in the flickering)
  • Restoring default settings in Nvidia Control Panel
  • Switching monitors
  • Switching cables (both DP and HDMI)
  • Using different DP and HDMI ports
  • Updating display adapter & monitor drivers
  • Reinstalling display adapter & monitor drivers
  • Factory resetting the PC
  • Uninstalling & reinstalling all Nvidia drivers on the computer
* I will note on the last one that although we uninstalled and reinstalled everything we could, the 3060 reinstalled itself automatically on device manager when you select "uninstall device" on the right-click from Device Manager > Display Adapters > RTX 3060, and then restart the PC. I don't know enough about hardware/drivers to know why this is, or if those automatically reinstalled drivers could be part of the issue.

I attempted to update the BIOS as I read that's generally a good starting point with issues like this, but I couldn't find the correct download so ended up not doing that just yet. Aside from that we haven't touched any BIOS settings that might be related to graphical issues.

We have scoured the internet and can't find anything similar to this issue happening anywhere else at this capacity.
I would greatly appreciate any advice. Thanks.


That's not tearing. Tearing you'll get straight lines across the screen where 2 frames are 'overlapped' and anything in motion gets 'chopped' in half with one half offset a bunch of pixels to one side. You won't see tearing in 'static' pictures, because there's no change in the screen.

What it looks like is a video driver glitch or possibly a port/cable issue.

Grab 2 things. A fresh copy of the drivers needed for your card, 1 or 2 versions back. Save those to desktop. DDU from

Run the DDU through Safe Mode, it'll delete any and all associated files for the card, including any registry entries. When done, install the drivers from the desktop.

Can also try different ports and different cables.
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