Question Extreme Static Sensitivity Causes Computer to Restart

Dec 31, 2020
So I've had a computer I built several years ago and it worked really well until recently. It seems to have an absurdly sensitive reaction to any static electricity. Whenever I vacuum anywhere in the house, the computer shuts off. If I wear socks and generate static and then touch the keyboard it shuts off. If you touch the case with a cell phone, it shuts off. If you plug something else into or take something out of the same power strip the computer is plugged into, it shuts off. If you plug in the blender in the kitchen, it shuts off. If I wear a sweater and touch the keyboard, it shuts off. If you whisper the word "static" in the same zip code, it shuts off. All of this is reproducible, I've tested it. (except the last one, that's a joke) I have an NZXT case from a couple years ago along with an ASUS GTX Nvidia 1070ti, an NZXT water cooler, and several NZXT fans. The processor is a older i7 with an ASUS sabertooth motherboard, if that matters. The computer is also on top of my desk, which is made of wood and has metal legs. I'm curious if anyone else has had this type of problem before, or if any of the hardware is notorious for this type of thing, or if maybe something has gone wrong on the insides. Any help would be greatly appreciated.