Extremely bad FPS in battlefield 3

Recenty i did a clean install of windows 7 on my pc and everything has gone smoothly and all my games are running fine apart from one. Battlefield 3, Its been running at ridiculously low framerates, before i reinstalled i was getting around 30fps on ultra and Way over 60 after it was uncapped on Low settings (The preset) However now im getting 30 fps MAXIMUM on the absolute lowest with no AO or AA at all i attempted ultra and got stutters freezes and 1fps max. I have no idea what is causing this as i have tried different graphis drivers 301.42 and 296.10 and there was no difference. There also no other programs running in the background apart from my AV and origin which both use little to no cpu and a very small amount of memory.
Has anyone else had this issue and managed to find a fix? im all out of ideas.
Cpu:AMD Phenom II x4 3.2Ghz
Ram:4gb DDR3
Gpu: Kfa2 GTX 560Ti
Mobo:Asrock M3N78D
Thank you :D


Jun 1, 2012
Did this problem happen to be yesterday? Or is it just in general?
The reason i asked is every server across the game had unplayable lag yesterday, i believe it is pb issue or ea/dice main servers. I tried different ping ranges, different servers, different internet connections, different gaming rigs, same problem on all of them yesterday. I have not checked today.


May 31, 2012
I am having this problem too since yesterday... Suddenly it the FPS started to drop badly..... Its definitly not my computer so I assume its EA...