[SOLVED] Extremely Frustrating Issue


Jun 23, 2011
Ryzen 5 1600x 3.6g
MSI B450m Gaming Plus mATX
eVGA GeForce 1060 6g
Seasonic M12II Evo 620w Bronze
2x8g G-Skill Fortis 2400 Ram Kit
120gb SSD for OS
(old) 1TB HD for Storage
(now) 500gb SSD for Storage

I'll try to keep a long story short. I put this system together in December. System has never been OC'd and all default BIOS settings have been used. When I first built it I had some random BSODs but only after a restart/shutdown. Once the computer was running, it would run forever with no issues. I ignored it because I was excited and am a dummy sometimes. I would just leave the computer in sleep mode and never fully power down which worked fine.

Recently, my 1TB Storage SSD became corrupted. I assumed the BSOD and corruption might be part of a larger software issue, so I replaced the HD with a 500gb SSD, clean wiped and formatted (several times) both the SSDs using diskpart, and re-installed a clean full copy of windows. I did all updates to Windows, updated all drivers, and made sure everything was running at a good baseline (with only 1 RAM in, I'll explain later).

During this process I was concerned about a RAM issue as well due to the BSODs I had been getting during restarts, so I ran memtest86 full test and everything passed with 0 errors after several hours. Despite this, the computer would still BSOD 2-4 times during restarts, or it would send a CPU debug LED on MOBO and not post, but after restarting or powering down several times it would eventually start and run fine. Being that I only have 2 DIMM slots and 2 sticks, I tried every possible combination of 1 or 2. Anytime I use any single RAM in either slot, the computer runs fine, starts fine, 0 issues. Whenever I have 2 RAM in, either combination, I get the BSODs.

Some of the BSODs I got during restart:

Well, after I cleared any possible software issues and had the computer running stable on 1 RAM, I tried to re-install the second RAM and it worked initially. I started playing a game and within about 2 hours, I got a BSOD while actually running (which hadnt happened before). That BSOD was SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION. When I tried to restart with both RAM in again I got SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED.

So far, I have ruled out any potential software issues completely. I have ruled out an issue with either of the individual sticks of RAM or either of the individual DIMM slots. It is exclusively when I have both slots filled that I have consistent issues, but even then they are not completely consistent, only most of the time and only during restarts or power downs (other than once). From all of the research I've done trying to solve this, it sounds like it is either a memory controller issue (which Im unsure if that is CPU or mobo related) or an actual physical issue with the MOBO itself.

Has anyone ever dealt with a problem this strange and inconsistent? I dont have a second rig or spare parts anymore to swap out, so I either have to pay someone to diagnose this for me or just order new parts and hope they are the right ones.

Any help is massively appreciated
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