Question Extremely hard to find wire replacement for beQuiet 900 case - sata to 3 pin 24 awg

Aug 30, 2020
I have the BGW11 Be Quiet Pro 900.

I had an accident where one of the wires connecting to the rear tiny motherboard was damaged.

The wire in question is a SATA to 3 Pin 24 AWG and connects to the 12V/GND/5V plug (the third from the left on the bottom edge of the motherboard that ships with the case).
That wire shows 24 AWG, 1007, VW-1, 300 v

I have searched everywhere, I cannot find this wire anywhere to buy!!!
Where can I get this wire? And what does it do? Is it safe to try to boot up my machine if the wire is faulty? (it was partially cut and added electrical tape around it but am afraid to test.

Does anyone have the Be Quiet Pro 900 version 2? If so do you happen to see the same wire being used at the back? If it is I'll ready to buy the case just for the wire but can't afford to rebuild the entire machine right now.

Thank you!

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That's the fan header not really a "motherboard", fine to use it without it connected although you may have an issue with the fans connected to it, see if the fans run. If they don't you would need to either buy a new hub, replace the case or plug in the fans to the motherboard directly.