[SOLVED] Extremely inconsistent frame rate, please help :(

Jan 17, 2019
I built this system a couple weeks ago. First CPU I have ever overclocked. Not sure if I have something wrong in the BIOS or what because when I'm trying to play Battlefield 5, my frame rate absolutely EVISCERATES any enjoyment I can possibly get from the game. On low and high settings I get the same jumps and stuttering. It'll go up to the 80's, then drop to the high 30's/mid 40's then up to 60's and all over the place like that with seemingly no correlation to what's actually happening on the screen.

I have no parked cores, I turned off Vsync, I switched power settings to performance, updated GPU drivers, made sure I'm not thermal throttling at all, etc etc.

I don't know if I have some voltages wrong or something or if one of my components is just faulty, I just know that I want to play the game I just bought at a consistent frame rate with no stuttering so I can enjoy it.

PLEASE HELP. I know this system is very capable of doing what I'm asking it to under normal circumstances, but I cannot figure out what the issue is.

System specs:
Asus P6X58D-E mobo
Xeon X5675 6c/12t CPU @ 4.32ghz
2x4gb DDR3 1600 RAM @ 1734mhz
GTX 1060 3gb +130mhz on core clock and +300mhz on mem clock
Raidmax RX1000GH 80+ gold PSU
256gb Samsung 840 EVO SSD

BIOS overclock settings:
Manual Ai Overclock Tuner
CPU Ratio Setting @ 25
Intel Speedstep @ enabled
BCLK Frequency @ 173
PCIe Frequency @ 100
DRAM Frequency @ 1734mhz
UCLK Frequency @ 3642mhz
QPI Link Data Rate @ 6244MT/s
CPU voltage @ 1.375
CPU PLL Voltage @ 2.00
QPI/DRAM Core Voltage @ 1.3
IOH Voltage @ 1.16
DRAM Bus Voltage @ 1.5

I haven't touched DRAM Timing.
Are all the speeds consistent for all parts? By this I mean do you get a consistent cpu, gpu, RAM speed or is this fluctuating when in game?

I’d suggest taking off all overclocking. Run your games and get a baseline performance. Once you know what it’s like at stock start applying your overclocks one at a time and little by little. This way you will find out what has the negative impact.
Jan 17, 2019

I seem to get the same stuttering and roughly the same frame rate with everything at stock settings.

I am now even more confused.

Ok, so are all parts running at stable speeds or fluctuating while in game?
Jan 17, 2019

Ignore my last comment. It apparently didn't save when I set everything back to stock, it put on a completelty different overclock somehow...

I'm on stock now and frame rate is seemingly stable so far and no stuttering, staying between 60 and 70 fps for the most part. Clock speeds are stable.